Seltos First Look

We got a glimpse of the Kia Seltos at Luddenham Raceway last week 🤯 yep.. mindblown! It's got some super cool features and we can't wait to show you when it arrives in a few weeks.

Register your interest 😉

Reverse Park Challenge: Part 2

The #ReverseParkingChallenge has created some cheeky banter in the office this week 👊

Our Sales Consultant Ash, has crowned herself the dealership Parking Queen 👑 But Danny has something to say about that 😂 Nothing like a li'l office banter!

Reverse Park Challenge

Parallelophobia 🤣 It's a thing! A fear of parallel parking.

Over 47% of drivers have driven away after failing in an attempt to parallel park! And it's rated THE MOST stressful thing you can do behind the wheel.

So we challenged our team to a Reverse Parking Challenge! And ahhh... we nailed it! 😲

No Driving lessons here! 🚘 #reverseparkchallenge

World Emoji Day

😁 Today is World Emoji Day 🤘 Can you even remember a time when we texted without them?! 🤷‍♀️ We love a good emoji, and so does our team! So check out our favourite emoji's.... and show us yours 👇

International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day 👱‍♀️ Our industry is typically heavily weighted by men, and in many dealerships the presence of women is still limited. We're *oh so* proud to say that we have woman-a-plenty! AND they create a crazy strong foundation in our business 🏢

Mechanics 🔧 Management 💼 Administration and Sales 👩‍💻.. our women occupy important roles and there is no doubt that we wouldn't be the business we are, without them.

So a special holla to our women today... and every other day! 🌸

Cerato GT at Luddenham Raceway

The new Cerato Hatch GT is ticking allll the boxes! ✅ It looks a treat, has got a full list of features.. and we simply can't get enough! Check out our little outing at the track.. there was alot of grins after jumping out of the car this day 😁

Team Talk | Episode 1

The Sales Team at Great Western Kia are a 🤔... .funny bunch! They've all got their quirks and tend to make us laugh daily. So get to know them like we do, in our Team Talk Series 🤪 Frangos or El-Jannah 🍗 Fears and phobias 🕷 .. Time to spill the beans boys!