Great Western Kia's Best Price Guarantee

Our Best Price Guarantee ensures we won't be beaten on price... or we'll service your new Kia for 2 YEARS... for FREE!*

Simply provide us with your written quotation, and as long as we have the vehicle in stock.. we'll beat any written quotation. We're so confident in our ability to give you the very best deal that If we can't beat it... we'll service your brand new Kia vehicle for 2 years free of charge.

Best Price Guarantee

Great Western Kia has been named Kia Platinum Global Dealer of The Year for 2 consecutive years, and continues to be one of the most awarded and recognised dealers within the Kia network.

We pride ourselves on offering a memorable exprience when buying your brand new Kia. We have tremendous pride in our brand, and ensuring you're as excited about the prospect of owning a Kia, as much as we are.

Great Western Kia is a Platinum Dealer

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Andy Mousa

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* Written qotation must be provided at time of purchase to Great Western Kia. Two years scheduled servicing will be provided complimentary to customers with a valid quotation that cannot be beaten. Vehicle must be instock at Great Western Kia in order for offer to be valid. Vehicle must be purchased at Great Western Kia for complimentary servicing to be provided.